A Dental Practice You Won’t Forget

LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS is the only dental practice in Houston that you need to remember. It’s the only one that you need to remember because it is the best of the best.

Unlike some dental practices in Houston, Dr. Mitchmore is passionate about dental care and continued education. That means you and your family will reap the rewards when you become a patient of LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS.

Continued education and dentistry go hand in hand, or at least they should. If your dentist is one of those doctors who believes he or she has learned all there is to know you need to reconsider your choices.

Houston Dental Practice

LifeSmiles By Randy Mitchmore DDS offers that little bit extra that patient’s love. From a friendly hello the minute you walk through the door to comfy blankets, cushions and even aromatherapy.

With this dental practice in Houston you are treated like a spa guest, not like a dental patient. It’s the ultimate experience.

One of the best things about Dr. Mitchmore and his team is personality. Each and every member of this Houston dental team goes above and beyond to make you and every member of your family feel comfortable.

Being comfortable at the dentist’s office is imperative especially if you are introducing a new family member to dental care.

Family Dentistry in Houston

If you follow this dental blog you will remember that this dentist in Houston welcomes people of all ages to his dental practice. That means if you have a new tooth in the family he and the team can start your child off the right way with your toddlers first appointment.

Having a dentist that you and your family can grow with is imperative. A trusting family dentist will assure that your children grow up with healthy teeth and gums.

LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS is convenient as well, especially if you have a growing family with different dental needs.

In other words, this family dentist will take care of your teen’s crooked teeth while recommending dental implants for your partner at the same time.

Smile for Life with LifeSmiles

Having a smile for life is easy with Dr. Mitchmore and his team. Once you set foot in the dental practice in Houston you will be a patient for life.

Call or send a direct message and schedule dental appointments for everyone in your family today.

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