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LifeSmiles is devoted to using the most modern dental technology available. If it is out there, you can bet Dr. Randy Mitchmore offers it. Your cosmetic dentist in Houston is an expert at providing everything from painless needles to tartar removal without the sharp tools. The state of the art dental technology in Houston is faster and much more convenient as well.

3D Imaging Technology

LifeSmiles in Houston uses PeXion 3 D imaging system. This provides the team with clear images and lower radiation. Best of all the scanning is finished in a few seconds.


Your Houston dentist also uses 3D imaging for dental implant placement and orthodontic and jaw issue diagnosis. This allows him to see and diagnose any issues before they get worse.


3D Imaging also means less drilling, less cutting and best of all, less time in the dental chair. However, you’ll never tire of sitting in Dr. Mitchmore’s dental chair because of his compassionate care and chairside manner.

Trios S Shape

Unlike those goopy and messy impressions, the Trios S Shape makes it possible to take sharp and exact digital pictures thanks to a hand held wand. It is so simple to take detailed images with the Trios S Shape.


The most complex cosmetic and restorative dental treatments are made to fit and last longer because of the accurate results from the Trios S Shape.

Ultrasonic Technology

Your dentist in Houston uses the Cavitron Ultrasonic Cleaner to remove tartar from your teeth.


The ultrasonic cleaner eliminates the need for sharp and uncomfortable dental cleaning tools as it uses sound waves to vibrate the plaque and tartar from between your teeth.


The Cavitron also cleans above and below the gum line and because it vibrates at the speed of sound you will not require anesthetic.


For less conservative solutions, your dentist in Houston uses USI in Houston to blast away the tartar.

Digital Photography

Being able to see what you’re going to look like prior to treatment is an awesome way to catch a glimpse of your smile before you undergo any restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures.


LifeSmiles uses the best quality digital SLR digital camera equipment. This allows both you and Dr. Mitchmore to see what your grin will look like before porcelain veneer or dental implant placement.


Everything is crystal clear giving you and your dentist the best picture of your grin without distortion.

Tek Scan

If you clench or grind your teeth or have problems with your temporomandibular joint, the hinge that connects your upper and lower jaw, modern technology allows your Houston dentist to get a closer look.


Biting down on the TekScan Digital Occlusal Analysis sensor allows Dr. Mitchmore to analyze your bite giving him a clear picture of your situation.


The sensor also sends data to a chairside monitor. This will point out any potential issues, such as grinding and clenching that could damage your dental restorations.


Being proactive with bite issues helps you save time and money. It also helps you prevent dental problems in the future.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays give you and the dental team from LifeSmiles a better look at what’s going on inside of your mouth.


Unlike the old messy and uncomfortable impressions, these modern radiographs show up in seconds in color on the computer monitors.


This allows Dr. Mitchmore to discuss any problems you have in real time. It also means less time waiting for conventional x-rays.


This type of x-ray is better for the environment as it decreases radiation exposure as well.

Intra Oral Cameras

The Intra Oral Cameras give Dr. Mitchmore a birds eye view of what is going on in your mouth.


Using ultra-modern camera technology, the pen sized tool takes live video of your mouth before projecting the images directly into the treatment room. It’s non-intrusive and is excellent for early diagnosis and treatment.

Myotronics K7

When it comes to TMJ, Dr. Mitchmore has got you covered as the Mytronics K7 allows your dentist in Houston to track your jaw position and the surrounding muscles.


This little piece of modern dental technology also helps locate and identify the best position for your bite. Because the technology is stored, you and Dr. Mitchmore can evaluate your situation while discussing your best options for bite recovery.


Short for TENS, the transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation device is used to treat any issue associated with jaw and jaw muscle movement.


The TENS device in Houston massages your muscles helping remove lactic acid. The transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation device also allows Dr. Mitchmore to stimulate your muscles for better blood flow.


Because TENS deprograms your muscle memory your bad bite will be nothing but a memory as well.

Soft Tissue Dentistry

Soft tissue dentistry is remarkable, safe and effective. This type of dentistry in Houston allows Dr. Mitchmore to reduce dental chair time in a painless manner.


LifeSmiles uses laser dentistry for decay removal, periodontitis treatment and professional teeth whitening.


Soft tissue dentistry is the modern way to treat dental problems. You will barely know you are having any type of dental procedures with soft tissue dentistry in Houston.

The Wand

Most people aren’t a fan of needles and while some are more fearful than others, you won’t have to worry if you are among the 50 percent of the population that literally despises needles.


The Wand uses a computer to precisely meter and administer the injection giving you virtually painless results. You will love the Wand and so will your anxiety levels.


Oral cancer is a serious disease that your Houston dentist can diagnose. Using Vizilite, Dr. Mitchmore can spot precancerous and abnormal cells using a screening solution.


If there is anything that looks the least bit suspicious, the Oral CDX will take a small tissue sample that will be sent off to the lab for further investigation.


Computerized Treatment Rooms

The computerized treatment rooms at LifeSmiles is where the magic begins. Computers are used to provide customized and accurate records and are vital for the comfort and dental care of every patient. Each room enables the team to keep track and share your dental issues and progress. It also allows your dentist in Houston immediate access to your files.