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What each type of appointment entails

Types of appointments

The Ultimate New Patient Experience

Appointment time = 90 minutes. Requires a deposit to reserve.

I’m totally in. I know this is the place for me. I may have been putting things off but now is the right time in my life to finally get it done right. I know there are some issues and I want to look at the big picture and have a plan, even if I can’t do it all at once. I may have had some not so good previous dental experiences or anxiety. I can do this! I want to have special dedicated time with Dr Mitchmore and the necessary data collection/records. This is the best dental physical you have ever had and probably will not allow time for a hygiene appointment at the same time but will be arranged very soon.

Complimentary Consultation

Appointment time = 30 minutes.

I need to talk to you before I make a commitment. I may need to make sure we are the right fit. I may have very complex problems and don’t know where to start or what to do and I may have been to other dentists but nothing clicked. I may be an extreme dental phobic and I hear you guys are really good at taking on people like me. I may need IV sedation just to have my teeth cleaned it is so bad! I may have made dental appointments in the past and chickened out and did not show up. I am afraid of sticker shock and want a good value for my money and may not know what options there are.

Just a Cleaning and Check up

Appointment time = 80 Minutes. Requires a Deposit to Reserve.

I am very regular with having my teeth cleaned. I feel like I am in pretty good shape. I may have just moved to the area or I am blown away by your amazing reviews and want to check you out before I decide to become a comprehensive patient. If I feel we are a right fit I may want to take care of things I’ve been putting off or want to upgrade to something nicer later. This is not a periodontal gum treatment cleaning. It is for very light tartar at the gumline and above the gumline polish.

Problem Focused or Dental Emergency

Appointment Time = 45 minutes.

I have a pressing issue I want to focus on before making an appointment for a comprehensive New Patient Experience or my Regular Check up. I might be a new patient or an existing patient. Something may have broken or I have an important event coming up I am concerned about. I may have pain! I may have had previous bad dental experiences, I may be a dental phobic or have extreme fear of going to the dentist. I may need to check you out before I make a commitment to be one of your comprehensive patients and raving fan.

Existing Patient Cleaning

Appointment time = 75 minutes.

I am a current patient and it is time to have one of your thorough amazing hygiene appointments. I may or may not be due for x-rays again. This is not a periodontal maintenance or gum treatment appointment. I will call or write if I might need more time for gum issues.