Cosmetic Dentistry Yes You’re Worth It

Your smile tells the world who you are and if yours isn’t speaking very loudly it’s time to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry with LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS.

This dental spa in Houston offers all of the comforts and then some. This means you will feel like you have come home when you become a patient of this dental practice in Houston.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Everyone

Because Dr. Mitchmore is passionate about all things dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, you can be assured that you are in the right place. Continued education is at the top of the list when it comes to this Houston cosmetic dentistry practice.

How You Feel Matters

If you have been neglecting your smile schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Even a professional tooth whitening session will lift your spirits, but that’s not all. Schedule an appointment with LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS and you will see magic begin to happen.

When you sit in the dentist’s chair you and your cosmetic dentist in Houston will have a chat about your smile. You will discuss your overall and oral health and what your expectations are.

For example, if you have tipped or tilted teeth, Dr. Mitchmore will probably recommend a tooth straightening system such as conventional braces or removable aligners.

On the other hand if you have missing teeth dental implants are always the first recommendation when it comes to your smile.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

While some people think dental implants are too expensive preferring bridges and dentures over the best replacement for missing teeth they really aren’t.

According to LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS dental implants are much more affordable in the long run.

They are more affordable because implants will last for the rest of your life as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

Dentures, partials and dental bridges all need to be replaced from time to time. They will wear out, and if you have changes in facial structure won’t fit the way they used to.

Because dental implants fuse to the bone it is very likely they will never need to be replaced. Studies show that 95 percent of patients are successful when it comes to dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston

If you would like to love your smile again, call or send a direct message and have a chat with LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS today. You will be so glad you did and so will your reflection.

Schedule your consultation today.