Custom Mouth Guards for Your Smile

Your favorite dentist in Houston is celebrating National Facial Protection Awareness month by sharing the importance of custom mouth guards.

Custom mouth guards are the best way to protect you from an unexpected trip to the hospital. In addition, mouth protection just may save a tooth.

Less Injuries with Mouth guards

Statistics show that athletes, whether professional or not have better luck with mouth injuries if a mouth guard is found at the scene of the sporting accident.

For example, if a player gets hit with a racquet the results won’t be as bad if the player is wearing a mouth guard.

LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS provides patients, and potential ones with solutions for potential mouth injuries. Those solutions are custom mouth guards that fit so well you won’t even know you are wearing one.

Mouth Guards for All Sizes

If you have ever worn a mouth guard that you purchased from the sports store you will know it isn’t made to fit your teeth.

Standard mouth guards are literally made to fit anyone’s teeth and people just aren’t made that way.

These types of standard mouth protectors don’t give a great fit nor are they very comfortable. In fact comfort is the number one reason athletes, “Forget,” to wear them. Sadly it’s those times that accidents usually happen.

Another type of popular mouth guard offers players a better fit. Called boil and bite these mouth protectors are designed to fit your teeth after placing in a bowl of warm water.

Boil and bite mouth guards provide athletes with a better fit, but are nothing like custom made mouth guards.

Mouth Protection is Vital

Dr. Randy Mitchmore from LifeSmiles stresses the importance of head protection while playing all types of sports. From surfing to mountain bike riding, martial arts and softball everyone who plays sports benefits from mouth guards

In addition, people who jump on a balance beam and those who enjoy a game of tennis are extremely susceptible to cheek, gum, tongue and other types of mouth injuries. These injuries are usually preventable when a custom guard is worn.

Keep Your Mouth Protected

If you and members of your family are into the great outdoors and love to play sports, contact Lifesmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS.

Custom mouthguards are the best and easiest way to keep you and every member of your family safe from a flying baseball or racquet.

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