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What is Therapeutic Botox?

Dr. Mitchmore and the professionals at LifeSmiles are proud to announce a brand new group of services targeted at patients who are looking for some of the best therapeutic, rejuvenating dermal procedures in the Houston, Texas, area. With our Therapeutic Botox®, we can provide patients with a brand new way to revitalize features in the face that become wrinkled or creased over time. We can diminish the tired look that comes from living with chronic pain.

The process starts with a consultation, which is also when Dr. Mitchmore can answer any questions that you may have about Therapeutic Botox® and whether it’s the right procedure for you. An examination can also be conducted to help you to understand which areas of the face, neck, or shoulders our Therapeutic Botox® injections can improve.

The Therapeutic Difference

Triple-strength Multi-functional Botox® in Houston, TX.

You may already be familiar with Botox® and may have even tried it for yourself before, but did you know that typical Botox® services at spas and beauty centers are often diluted, compared to the full product? In the same way a bar will water down drinks, spas will often dilute the strength of their Botox® product so they can charge more while delivering less potency. This results in less wrinkle reduction and more frequent follow-up appointments.

Most spas use a 1:3 or 1:2 powder to saline ratio and will charge per “unit,” regardless of actual potency. But Dr. Mitchmore uses a 1:1 ratio and still prices each injection by a unit. As a result, you will get a treatment that is three times as potent for the same price.

Dr. Mitchmore’s Therapeutic Botox® treatments are highly efficient, in that they use a triple strength formula to target specific areas of the face for the greatest results. Botox, having been around for over two decades, has long been proven safe at the triple-strength standard Dr. Mitchmore employs.

Why triple strength? The answer comes down to accuracy and better results. We deliver a higher concentration of Botox to a specific site for maximum effect, whereas many spas give less potent but higher-volume injections that can spread to unwanted areas of the face. Our triple-strength approach allows you to get the benefits of Botox® without the “frozen face” look, which is characterized by the inability to smile or emote at full range.

The difference can quickly become apparent after your first treatment; once you’ve tried Dr. Mitchmore’s Therapeutic Botox® services, you will discover that the level of care and expertise required to properly apply the product can only come from a professional who understands proper Botox procedure, measurement, and follow up.

Why Botox® at the Dentist?

As a Houston dentist, Dr. Mitchmore has had more training, expertise, and experience than typical medical spas.

Here are a few top reasons to choose Dr. Mitchmore as your Botox® expert:

“No stuffy atmosphere at LifeSmiles. I feel welcome in their office and enjoy chatting with everyone. Dr. Mitchmore has a great team of professionals. Check them out.”
Carol H. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

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