Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Carefully designed and structured to compliment your facial features, porcelain veneers look exactly like natural teeth.

If you’re not familiar with porcelain veneers or have never heard of the procedure, then it’s reassuring to know that getting them is fast and straightforward, with virtually no pain and zero downtime afterward. Dr. Mitchmore has done hundreds of veneers, so you will definitely be in the right hands.

Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain in the shape of a wafer-like tooth. They’re as thin as your fingernails but very durable–strong and just as hard as enamel. Veneers will last many years and are designed to resist staining and chipping.

Creating the right shade of porcelain veneers is very important, especially if all your teeth don’t require them. In addition to color, the size and shape of each tooth must be consistently proportionate. Good quality porcelain veneers require careful hands and an eye for natural design, which Dr. Randy Mitchmore definitely possesses.

Meet Dr. Mitchmore

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‘“From the very beginning, each step of the way was spelled out and followed with a personal professionalism that let me know each team member was concerned for my comfort and understanding of the process. Each and every team member became a trusted family member and beloved friend.”
Ray Y. (Actual LifeSmiles Patient)

Advantages of Veneers

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Unfortunately, not all Houston dentists have the same training, skills, talent, level of care, or judgment. That is why you cannot comparison-shop for veneers based on cost alone. Dr. Mitchmore is honored to be one of the few dentists in the country to be named a Master of The Academy of General Dentistry, a designation indicating his ability to provide superior care when fitting your new porcelain veneers. Having an attractive, bright, and healthy smile is a dream come true for most individuals. Let Dr. Randy Mitchmore make your dream a reality and give you a fabulous smile with porcelain veneers.

Your Veneers Procedure

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Getting porcelain veneer treatment is generally more relaxing than getting braces or sitting through other extensive procedures. At Dr. Mitchmore’s dental office in Houston, he and his staff will do everything they can to make your veneer fitting experience comfortable and enjoyable. Here is how we do it:

Step 1: We prepare the teeth by shaving a tiny layer off each tooth, measuring anywhere from .3 to .5 millimeters, to make room for the veneers so that you don’t end up with bulky-looking teeth. Your Houston cosmetic dentist then makes an impression of your teeth using the advanced 3-D camera! No more gooey, gaggy, smelly impressions to run down your throat! The digital scan is sent to the laboratory via the internet at light speed. Your porcelain veneers are then created by highly trained technicians who were educated with Dr. Mitchmore in our partner dental lab.

Step 2: Once the porcelain veneers have been made, another appointment will be set up for you to try them on. During this time, your dentist will make sure that the fit, shape, and size are perfect and to your liking. We do this by using a temporary paste to hold the veneers on your teeth before permanently bonding them into position. The try-on visit is the perfect time to bring up any reservations or concerns you may have so that these can be addressed before the porcelain veneers go on permanently. Once your dentist has gotten your approval, we will bond the veneers permanently to your teeth.

Dr. Mitchmore uses the most advanced materials and technology when it comes to bonding porcelain veneers. He uses the least invasive technique possible, called “minimal to no-prep” veneers. This procedure is often completed with no anesthesia at all unless the patient requests otherwise. We have no doubt you will love your new smile!

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