Do You Trust Your Family Dentist?

A trusting family dentist is what everyone hopes for; unfortunately it doesn’t always turn out that way.

People switch care providers all of the time because they are unhappy with the care they receive, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS you and your family can feel confident knowing that you will never have to worry about your teeth and gums.

Be Proactive with a Family Dentist

Being proactive is imperative when it comes to dental care. With this Houston dentist’s office you will never have to worry about a missed dental exam or cleaning.

Because this dental team will always have you and your family on speed dial you will be reminded of your dental checkups. This is extremely important regardless of how large or small your household is.

Most people don’t have a photographic memory nor do they want to remember 2 checkups a year for all five children, themselves and a partner.

Thankfully that will never happen with LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS. With this Houston family dentist the team will give you and your household plenty of notice whether you are heading to the doctor for a checkup or a professional cleaning.

Dental Emergencies in Houston

One of the biggest advantages of Dr. Mitchmore and his team is emergency dentistry. Being able to handle an emergency when it happens means less chance of losing a tooth forever.

A knocked out tooth can be saved if you get to your family dentist in Houston on time. Time really is of the essence when it comes to a knocked out tooth.

Dr. Mitchmore and his dedicated team are always available to handle the toughest dental emergencies, even those that require dental sedation.

Houston IV Dental Sedation

While most dental practices in Houston offer some type of sedation dentistry, most are not licensed to provide patients with IV dental sedation, but LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS is.

Dedicated to pain free dentistry this sedation dentist understands that some people just can’t tolerate a visit to the dentist.

Moreover some are downright terrified. That makes IV sedation dentistry a great choice. Furthermore patients who are having multiple procedures as the same time won’t have any memory of the procedure.

The Best Family Dentist in Houston

You don’t have to be unhappy with your family dentist. Call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Randy Mitchmore DDS today. Once you set foot in this dentist’s office you will feel right at home.

Send a direct message and schedule an appointment today.