Houston Dental Spa for a Great Experience

LifeSmiles® by Randy Mitchmore DDS offers all patients the spa experience that you would never expect from a dental practice.

Best of all this dental spa experience is a healthy one because there is no metal involved. LifeSmiles® by Randy Mitchmore DDS understands how invasive metal restorations are and would never use them on any of his patients.

Love Your Smile Again

If your smile is not as lovable, well, to you anyway, call and schedule a consultation with LifeSmiles® by Randy Mitchmore DDS especially if your old restorations have become eyesores.

Old silver amalgam fillings don’t look good and they aren’t good for you either. If you have old dental amalgam fillings you are in the best hands.

Dr. Mitchmore uses tooth colored fillings that are safer for the rest of your body as well as your teeth and gums.

No Amalgam at the Dental Spa

Most people have no idea that their old silver amalgam fillings could be making them sick.

According to the dental spa in Houston the FDA and ADA say that silver fillings are harmless. With that being said it isn’t safe if the filling is cracked or chipped.

Your Houston family dentist explains that broken silver amalgam fillings tend to leak. Once they start to leak the contents have to go somewhere. This is another reason that Dr. Mitchmore only uses metal free dental restorations.

Metal Free Dental Spa

Dr. Randy Mitchmore and his team in Houston are advocates of silver free restorations and only use materials that are bio-compatible to overall health.

For decades the truth about amalgam fillings has been hidden, but not anymore. Your family dentist in Houston isn’t alone when it comes to his thoughts on silver amalgam fillings.

In fact more and more dentists in your area are coming to the conclusion that silver amalgam fillings are not right for overall health.

Biocompatible Materials

The materials used by Dr. Mitchmore are the best of the best. With his years of knowledge and training he understands what is right and healthy for his patients.

When it comes to fillings and other types of dental restorations in Houston you will never have to worry about silver amalgam or mercury.

Whatever you want done you can be assured that all materials are compatible and will not harm the rest of your body.

Dental Spa in Houston

If you would like to take care of your smile, get rid of silver restorations or just want a cosmetic dentistry consultation call and schedule an appointment with LifeSmiles® by Randy Mitchmore DDS today.