Mercury Free with LifeSmiles in Houston

LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore DDS has what it takes to give you a beautiful and healthy smile with solutions that you won’t find from other dentists in Houston. Solutions such as mercury free dentistry.

For decades LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS has improved the quality of life for patients using 21st century dental technology. Moreover this mercury free dental practice thrives on offering the best of the best including tooth colored fillings.

Mercury Free is Best

As a mercury free dental practice in Houston, Dr. Randy Mitchmore DDS and his team strive to help you and your family with a safe and everlasting dental experience using tooth colored restorations that look and feel like natural teeth.

Although you may think a silver amalgam filling is stronger than dental resin it really isn’t. LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS explains that silver amalgam fillings can crack, chip and break over time. People who are happy to tell the world about their decades old silver fillings shouldn’t be so thrilled.

The older the filling the more likely it is to leak from contraction and expansion. Dr. Mitchmore explains that toxic mercury vapor is released through the broken filling. The mercury then goes to the bloodstream and the rest of your body.

No More Metal Restorations

Having fillings and other metal restorations checked at least twice a year will keep you free from mercury and its effects on your oral and overall health.

While the American Dental Association sees nothing wrong with silver amalgam fillings, which contain 50 percent mercury along with other metals, Dr. Mitchmore disagrees.

Mercury is dangerous and something that doesn’t belong in the body. Moreover, even small amounts of this toxic substance can be absorbed into your lungs.

Because your Houston mercury free dentist doesn’t have to make undercuts in the tooth for the amalgam filling, the integrity of the tooth stays intact. Deep cuts into the tooth weaken the tooth making it more fragile in the long run.

Over time small amounts of mercury vapor are released into the body. If you leave a damaged restoration unattended it will only escalate the problem.

Houston Mercury Free Dentist

If you care about what goes into your mouth schedule an appointment. LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS is ready to get you back on track with tooth colored fillings that are just as good for you as they look.

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