If you have wisdom teeth or other teeth that should be removed, call and schedule an appointment with LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore D.D.S.

Patients can’t stop talking about Dr. Mitchmore and how caring and compassionate he is. They also can’t stop talking about his sense of humor.

With that being said, tooth removal is no laughing matter, especially if you and your dentist in Houston have done everything you can to save it or multiple teeth.

If you have been reluctant because you aren’t a fan of sitting in the dentist’s chair you will love LifeSmiles in Houston. Because Dr. Mitchmore is an IV sedation dentist and has the knowledge and experience, you won’t feel a thing.

Regardless of how many teeth you are having pulled you are in the best hands. If you are having dental implants placed, the team may consider placing the implant during the same surgery for quicker healing.

Of course, everyone is different. Call LifeSmiles in Houston for more information regarding extractions and dental implants today.

Proactive for Prevention

It is also important to note that being proactive and practicing preventive dentistry means you’ll be one step ahead of decay and disease.

LifeSmiles uses Cavitron, digital x-rays, ViziLite, and the Oral CDX Brush Box for oral cancer screenings in Houston.

Early detection is the key to everything in your mouth. Regular dental checkups in Houston mean less cavities and gum disease, but they also give you a better chance of beating oral cancer if diagnosed.

Chipped Teeth

If you have chipped a tooth locate the pieces and get to the emergency dentist in Houston. Dr. Mitchmore and his team just might be able to attach the chips and bond the tooth.

Chronic Pain

Chronic tooth pain is a sign of something more sinister. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchmore if you notice any pain regardless of how severe it is.

Any pain is an indication that something is probably wrong with the inside of the tooth. Bacterial infections are common with tooth decay and need to be treated quickly to avoid an abscess and root canal therapy.

LifeSmiles Dental Spa in Houston Offers:

Dermal Fillers
Gum Recontouring
Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic Dental Bonding
Professional Teeth Whitening

When you become a patient of LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore D.D.S. you will become a fan of the dentist.

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Smart skincare

Smart skincare really is available from your Houston dentist. Text LifeSmiles in Houston and have a chat today.

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