Oral Surgery

oral surgery

Dr. Randy Mitchmore is licensed to provide you with oral surgery for dentistry. Dr. Mitchmore and his team use IV sedation for oral surgery giving you the peace of mind you need whether you are having corrective jaw surgery or suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder.

Oral surgery is used for various procedures that include tooth extractions and dental implants, but that isn’t the only reason your IV sedation dentist in Houston recommends oral surgery.

Be Consistent

Being consistent with oral hygiene also includes a good diet. Eating a healthy diet loaded with vitamins, minerals and calcium will pave the way for disease free teeth and gums.

LifeSmiles talented and gentle dental hygienist in Houston has the training and experience to screen for oral cancer and periodontal disease while keeping your teeth white and bright and gums free from decay and disease.

Look and Feel Natural

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is how they look and feel. In fact, no one will ever know you have had dental implants placed unless you tell them. It will be your little secret between you and Dr. Mitchmore.

The teeth that are placed on top of your implants mimic light and shine just like natural teeth do giving you the confidence to flash your new grin.

Chronic Pain

Chronic tooth pain is a sign of something more sinister. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchmore if you notice any pain regardless of how severe it is.

Any pain is an indication that something is probably wrong with the inside of the tooth. Bacterial infections are common with tooth decay and need to be treated quickly to avoid an abscess and root canal therapy.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Tooth Extractions
Dental Implants
Corrective Jaw Surgery
TMJ Recovery
Reconstructive Surgery
Facial Trauma Surgery
Bone Graft Surgery
Gummy Smile Lift
Surgery for Snorting and Sleep Apnea
Cleft Palate/Lip Surgery
Full Smile Reconstruction
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oral surgery in Houston

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Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery