Smile for Life with Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile for life is what you will get when you have cosmetic dentistry in Houston.

LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS has what it takes to give you a beautiful smile that is both happy and healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston

These days anyone can whiten teeth using over the counter products, but that’s not all. In this day and age people can purchase prescription grade products that should only be administered by a dentist.

For example, some companies are selling DIY removable braces. This is not a good idea as any type of structural changes must be overseen by a cosmetic dentist.

In addition to clear removable braces some are buying dental bonding kits to repair chips and cracks in the privacy of their bathroom.

DIY Dental Bonding Just Skip It

Dental bonding, fillings and repairs must be completed by a Houston cosmetic dentist otherwise problems will occur. Problems such as infection under the bond and filling are the most dangerous, but just the tip of the iceberg.

Because decay needs to be removed before teeth are repaired doing it home is hit and miss. Bonding over food particles and decay will inevitably lead to infection.

Never attempt to repair or restore your teeth at home. Doing so will only make things worse and end up costing you more time and money.

If any of your teeth are cracked or chipped schedule an appointment with LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS.

Modern Dental Technology

In addition to the latest in dental products and services Dr. Randy Mitchmore is head and shoulders above the rest offering modern dental technologies that other Houston dentists don’t have.

From sedation dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, lasers and other types of 21st century procedures, you are in the best hands when it comes to your teeth and gums. Furthermore, you won’t be pushed into anything that you don’t want or need.

Dr. Mitchmore will discuss what you expect from cosmetic dentistry, how much time you want to spend in the chair and what types of changes you would like to see when you look in the mirror.

This is truly the best way to get a new smile as this Houston cosmetic dentist has the training and experience to get you there.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston

For the best experience you can’t go past LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore DDS. Send a direct message and find out more today. Your smile will adore you for it.

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