You will no longer feel the anxiety or have to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room again as this Houston dentist has transformed dentistry with his approach to dental care and wellbeing.
Why Us

The Ultimate Dental Sanctuary

Creating a luxurious dental experience you will love the dental sanctuary like experience that combines modern dental technology with alternative types of therapy that include massage and aromatherapy.

When you become a patient you are welcomed as a family member. Dr. Mitchmore dedicates himself to getting to know each and every person who walks through the door.

A Heart to Heart with Your Dentist

You will feel like you have found a friend when you discuss your dental wants and needs as there is no stress when it comes to planning your new smile.

LifeSmiles is based in Houston, Texas, and enjoys visits from people from all over the globe who strive for a better dental experience and a healthy and beautiful smile.

If you live in another state or another country contact a team member from LifeSmiles to discuss travel and accommodation. 

Why you'll love us
Dr. Randy Mitchmore
The Best


  • Dr. Mitchmore and every team member from LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore D.D.S. prides themselves on going one step beyond customer service with everything from needless dentistry to digital photography.
  • As one of the only dental practice in Houston to offer IV dental sedation, patients can rely on Dr. Mitchmore and his team to provide even the most anxious with comfortable solutions to their dental fears.
  • As one of the most sought after dental experts in reconstruction on the planet it is no wonder Dr. Mitchmore is known as the, “Dentist’s Dentist.”

Discover Your Smile with Dr. Mitchmore

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